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How Correlated helps

Drive proactive and relevant customer engagement

Stop digging through dashboards or manual reports to understand your customers. Get the best product qualified leads (PQLs) sent directly to the teams best equipped to act on them.

  • Build real-time notifications to track your entire customer lifecycle

  • Send the best leads to your revenue teams in the tools they already use, like Slack and Salesforce

  • Automatically send opportunities to the right teams - whether it’s Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success

using product data for expansion and cross sell opportunities

How Correlated helps

Build automated playbooks to target your best customers

Provide your customers with the best buying experience at scale. Leverage all your customer data to automate a GTM motion specifically catered to who your customers are and how they are interacting with your product.

  • Combine marketing campaigns with hands-on sales interactions to achieve true sales-marketing alignment

  • Leverage Correlated’s integrations with Outreach, Salesloft, and Hubspot to send personalized emails

  • Nurture customers through the most optimal buying journey completely hands-free

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How Correlated helps

Measure, test, and iterate to discover your best customers

Identify new buying signals as Correlated monitors your entire customer base over time. Understand how your playbooks are moving the needle for the outcomes you care about.

  • Measure conversion rates on your playbooks and buying signals

  • Easily adjust your buying signals with a no-code dropdown builder

  • Spend precious GTM resources on customers most likely to buy 


“Correlated helps us identify new self-serve users that are showing signs of being ready for upsell into our higher tier pricing plans. When our SDR team first started using Correlated, they were able to source three meetings in 15 sends, a 20% meeting booked rate! Correlated has been an integral part of our GTM motion at Circle and we’re excited to invest more.”

Charlie Locke

“We pipe Correlated’s propensity scores directly into Salesforce so that our sales team can leverage those scores to prioritize which accounts to go after. Everything happens automatically, and it has been hands off for the last several months since we first set up our initial Playbooks.”

Perrine el Khoury

“Correlated’s new Customer Lifecycle Scoring is providing us with new insights into potential signals that drive conversion. We are using the AI-powered indicators to identify any signals that we may not have known about. Having started off on their initial beta version of scoring, we’re excited by the progress!”

Lauren Harold

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