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Correlated product led revenue plg crm expansion alert

Uncover expansion opportunities

Get notified when users or accounts hit milestones within your product so you never miss a revenue opportunity. 

Correlated customers are finding expansion opportunities by reaching out in crucial moments, like when: 

  • License utilization is 90%+

  • Customer logins increase in the last week

  • Dashboard visits have grown by 10% 

Correlated product led revenue plg crm usage signal

Land new logos

Get complete visibility into free or trial users with a unified view of product and CRM data all in one place. This way, your team can take action in those crucial moments and crush their quotas.

Correlated customers are closing new revenue by reaching out to users when it’s most relevant, like when:

  • User tries a new feature

  • New user invited to account

  • Company size is over 50 and used feature Y

Correlated product led revenue plg crm increased usage signal

Reach out with a relevant message

Talk to the right person, at the right time, with the right message. You’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips, so you’re confident every conversation adds value. 

How leading companies are using Correlated today:

  • Get signals that are enriched with key information

  • Full account view with product usage insights

  • Automate campaigns and outreach with helpful resources

Correlated product led revenue plg crm user signals

Prioritize key accounts

Stay one step ahead by proactively monitoring account activity, helping your team focus their time on the highest-value accounts. 

Here's how other product-led companies are using Correlated to prioritize their outreach:

  • Get a unified view of product usage and CRM insights

  • Tier accounts ready for expansion based on product insights

  • Use positive usage signals in conversations with stakeholders

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PLG isn't going anywhere. Making sure revenue teams, especially sales, have insight into which accounts are ready to expand is crucial and will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Amy Volas, Co-Founder, Thursday Night Sales and CEO, Avenue Talent Partners

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