Drive revenue through the entire Customer Lifecycle

Fewer than 1% of self-serve sign ups convert. Tilt the odds in your favor by enabling your GTM teams with the data and insights they need to convert self-serve sign ups, expand accounts and prevent churn.

Identify opportunities in your self-serve funnel

Prioritize leads ready for sales outreach and give your sellers the proper insight to run top converting playbooks. Quickly add the right prospects to cadences in Outreach, Salesloft or Hubspot.

"In the first playbook we built, we booked 3 meetings off of 15 emails sent!"
Charlie Locke
Head of Sales - Circle

Upsell and expand your best potential accounts

Leveraging a scoring methodology around Product Qualified Accounts (PQAs) enables your sales and CS teams to focus on the best prospective accounts to expand and upsell.

"Our sales and CS teams use Correlated’s Scoring and Automations to identify and take action on the the most important accounts that are ready for upsell and expansion. Correlated has contributed to >$400k in pipeline."
Perrine El Khoury
Co-founder & CPO - Reveal

Run scaled CS programs to prevent churn and drive retention.

Correlated enables you to set scores to score individual accounts on likelihood to churn or propensity to expand. You can use Playbooks to drive automated workflows so that scaled CSMs can identify which accounts need extra attention and even automatically send emails when those accounts hit meaningful churn or expansion thresholds.

"We use Correlated to monitor our long-tail self-serve users to make sure we’re driving retention and reducing churn"
Lauren Harold
Sr. Director, Customer Experience - RainforestQA


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