Case Study

How Homebase Drives 2x ROI in booked ARR and RevOps efficiency with Correlated

Key results

  • Homebase has seen 2x ROI in terms of booked ARR sourced from Correlated in the first 60 days of implementation and projects to see 10x ROI annualized
  • Homebase's sales ops team has saved hours a week testing different intent playbooks
  • They streamlined their ownership assignment processes for their sales team with Correlated's intelligent lead routing logic


's product led approach

Homebase is a platform that supports over 100k small businesses in managing work schedules, time clocks, payroll, HR, and more. By eliminating unnecessary paperwork, Homebase allows businesses to focus on their most valuable asset - their people. With a flexible freemium model, businesses can start for free on the Basic plan or choose from three paid plans, Essentials, Plus, or All-In-One, that best suit their needs. Homebase also offers a Payroll add-on for any plan, available at an additional charge.

The Problem

Homebase faced challenges in managing a large volume of small business customers, each with various pricing packages. To optimize sales efforts, they needed an efficient way to identify freemium accounts likely to convert to paid opportunities and paid accounts showing signs of expansion across their products, such as their “Payroll” product.

Additionally, the process of assigning these opportunities to the right sales reps once they were identified was an even bigger pain, as the team had to go into their sales enablement tool, Salesloft, each morning and manually assign the leads for the day. Homebase sought a solution that allowed for easy round-robin assignment of accounts across different sales teams, based on key variables such as company size, plan, and product behavior – a capability that was near impossible to achieve in their existing tech stack.

Another important factor for buying a PLR tool was how quickly they could experiment with new strategies as their product-led sales process evolved and their customer base grew. They required a tool like Correlated that facilitated loading the necessary data and building playbooks for new use cases with simplicity, empowering data and sales teams alike to launch and test efficiently.



chose Correlated

  1. Correlated's user-friendly approach to playbook building allowed the sales ops team to create new playbooks to capture customer conversion and expansion opportunities on the fly and test new strategies.
  2. Correlated fills a big gap in the current sales workflow of Homebase - lead owner routing. Within each playbook, they can round-robin assign leads equally amongst their different sales teams, ensuring the most relevant team is following up accordingly and maximizing their pipeline.
  3. Homebase's data tech stack plays well with Correlated. Once data is made available in Redshift and Hightouch, it's simple for anyone on the team to self-serve and push the data through to playbooks.
  4. Correlated integrates nicely with the tools their sales team lives in - Salesloft, Zoho, and Slack. Some of the daily actions they utilize include sending prospects to Salesloft to trigger automated cadences, and using webhooks to sync fields in Zoho, making reporting in their CRM a breeze.



uses Correlated

To illustrate Correlated's impact, let's examine a specific use case:

  1. Homebase runs a Playbook to identify users who meet the following intent criteria: Manager/owner of an account, currently on the free plan with no existing open opportunities, have added over 3 employees to Homebase in the last week, and viewed the "Payroll" pricing page but did not follow through with upgrading.
  2. Once a lead meets the above criteria, Correlated instantly round-robin assigns a new owner from Homebase's sales team to the associated account based on custom rules they have created in Correlated.
  3. After assigning an owner, Correlated automatically adds the user to a Salesloft cadence, curated specifically for users within accounts who are adding employees and viewing paywalls. Simultaneously, Correlated syncs helpful data such as First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number to Salesloft, ensuring reps have all the necessary information they need to reach out.
  4. Finally, Correlated syncs the triggered user's companyId to Zoho, allowing the sales team to effectively track opportunities created through Correlated and prove out their work.

By leveraging the playbook and owner routing automations of Correlated, Homebase gains the ability to focus on very granular customer interactions, optimize lead routing to the most suitable reps, and convert new opportunities. Homebase is continuously exploring playbooks like the one outlined above to find the most effective strategy and capitalize on untapped business growth potential!


's PLG tech stack

A key determining factor for choosing Correlated was integrations with Homebase's tech stack. They have many tools to collect customer data and a number of key GTM systems that their sales / ops team uses.

Product Analytics

Built in house + Hightouch

Homebase has built telemetry and product analytics in house. Because they send all of their data to Redshift and leverage Hightouch for reverse ETL, they are able to activate that data in Correlated.

Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse


The majority of Homebase's customer data is stored in Redshift, allowing their data engineering team to create custom views for Correlated to access and ingest their data seamlessly, including sales opportunity info from Zoho, demographic/firmographic data, and interesting product usage rollups.

Additionally, the team uses a reverse ETL tool, Hightouch, to easily transform and send data that lives in Redshift as real-time product usage and site events to Correlated.



While Correlated does not integrate with Zoho directly, Homebase stores all of the relevant data required for playbooks in Redshift, where Correlated can easily access it. Additionally, Correlated supports custom webhooks, so the team is still able to push data back to Zoho via webhooks and Zapier.

Sales Engagement


Homebase's main sales engagement platform, Salesloft, enables reps to efficiently conduct customer outreach via automated email sequences, and assigning daily tasks like making a phone call.

Productivity Tool


Slack helps the Homebase team stay connected internally, and enables custom alerts to be shared from Correlated as direct messages to the proper reps. These provide more context on leads, such as recent activity and firmographic information.

"Correlated makes it easy to stand up a GTM motion focused on in-product behavior. The more data you give the tool, the more power it has. Correlated has saved us so much in testing out different playbooks (combinations of product usage, demographic, & intent data)."

David Jessey
Sales Ops

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