PQL Pipeline Generation

Out-of-the-box product qualified leads, powered by machine learning

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Uncover the leads most likely to convert
Our Correlation Engine identifies the self-serve users most likely to convert based on all your connected customer data.
Discover which attributes make up your unique PQLs and PQAs
No more ML black boxes. Discover exactly which characteristics define your best customers.
Measure, Test, and Iterate
Track downstream actions by sales and marketing to see which PQL and PQA playbooks are performing the best.
using product data for expansion and cross sell opportunities
Step 1

Tap into all your 
Customer Data

Correlated connects with all your customer data sources via first-class integrations to Data Warehouses, CRMs and CDPs. Our data integrations are self-serve, making getting started a breeze.

Not sure if your data is ready to discover your best self-serve users and accounts? Read more about our recommended PLG Data Model

PLG Data Model
using product data for expansion and cross sell opportunities
Step 2

Jumpstart your Product-Qualified Lead strategy

It shouldn’t take months to start defining product-qualified leads. Leverage Correlated to build product-qualified pipeline in less than a day.

using product data for expansion and cross sell opportunities
Step 3

Keep a pulse on your best PQLs

Save prioritized Lists with all your best Accounts. Always know what your customers are doing and how to best reach out to them. Discover new and interesting Accounts with our flexible filters.

using product data for expansion and cross sell opportunities
Step 4

Powerful customer segmentation at your fingertips

With Correlated, you can build your own prioritized Account and User Lists to keep an eye on the best leads. Slice and dice across all your customers, discover new insights on your own, and save your findings in customizable views. Get notified when new customers appear that match the segments you’ve saved.

“We pipe Correlated’s propensity scores directly into Salesforce so that our sales team can leverage those scores to prioritize which accounts to go after. Everything happens automatically, and it has been hands off for the last several months since we first set up our initial Playbooks.”

Perrine el Khoury

“Correlated’s new Customer Lifecycle Scoring is providing us with new insights into potential signals that drive conversion. We are using the AI-powered indicators to identify any signals that we may not have known about. Having started off on their initial beta version of scoring, we’re excited by the progress!”

Lauren Harold

“Correlated helps us identify new self-serve users that are showing signs of being ready for upsell into our higher tier pricing plans. When our SDR team first started using Correlated, they were able to source three meetings in 15 sends, a 20% meeting booked rate! Correlated has been an integral part of our GTM motion at Circle and we’re excited to invest more.”

Charlie Locke

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