Find product qualified leads who are 5x more likely to buy

Correlated uses AI to surface your highest propensity revenue pipeline and automatically sends leads to the tools your sales team uses every day.


PLG CRM correlated

Convert more free users

Surface PQLs and run
product-led sales playbooks

Correlated automatically reveals which product qualified leads to talk to, when to talk to them, and what to say. From there, automate your outreach with a best-in-class PLG playbook library. No more flying blind.

When we started using Correlated, we were able to target over 100 self-service expansion opportunities that our sales team wasn't aware of. This helped us make significant progress hitting our team's expansion quota.

Chris Pitchford, VP of Sales

Product led revenue drives the SaaS world

Better leads, more revenue

Turn your data into actionable insights
tap into your data warehouse, product analytics, and crm data
Find users who are ready-to-buy
delivered to your team in real-time, based on your company's goals
Enable best-in-class PLG sales playbooks
correlated helps you run proven playbooks for product led sales

Connect your data, uncover PQLs, take action

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Correlated is built with security firmly in mind. We’ve undertaken a rigorous process to ensure we are SOC2 Type II certified, giving you peace of mind. If you want to know more, contact us today.

Built for modern SaaS companies

correlated plg crm for customer success

Increase pipeline with a steady flow of product qualified opportunities paired with best-in-class sales playbooks for PLG companies.

More cross-sells, upsells, and upgrades.

correlated plg crm for revenue operations

Leverage Correlated's ML engine to help find the best self-serve users to drive growth and revenue. Easily test PQL strategies with data in your data warehouse, in a no-code setup.

Enable actions in your CRM, email tools, or run marketing campaigns.

correlated plg crm for sales
Customer Success

Get notified about every upsell and cross-sell opportunity.

Leverage Correlated's existing PLG customer lifecycle playbooks from onboarding to activation to expansion.

correlated plg crm for growth marketing
Data and Operations

Easily bring in relevant tables and models from your cloud data warehouse, enabling your business team to run powerful, automated playbooks with customer data.

No more one-off requests.

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