The first revenue expansion platform for sales teams

Correlated tracks thousands of data points to let you know when your accounts are ready for upsell, cross-sell or showing signs of churn. Now your reps will reach out to the right accounts at the perfect time using the best message.

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Trusted by leading modern GTM teams

PLG CRM correlated

Account Prioritization

Correlated finds hidden leads within your customer base

Don't wait for hand raisers. Correlated uses AI to track and analyze thousands of data points so your team can focus their efforts on the accounts that are most likely to expand their spending.

PLG CRM correlated

Sync high propensity leads anywhere

Route accounts to the right team in real-time using Playbooks

No more black boxes! Arm your SDR, Sales and CS teams with insights as to why they should reach out to specific users or accounts. Correlated provides clear, actionable insights and the best playbooks for each type of lead.

PLG CRM correlated

Find your best leads in a sea of data

Discover trends about what drives conversion, expansion and churn

Correlated surfaces hidden intent signals from within your own data. Identify which users and accounts from within your self-serve or free trial user base are ready to buy, expand or at risk of churn. Easily prioritize the best leads to work right now.

“Correlated’s new Customer Lifecycle Scoring is providing us with new insights into potential signals that drive conversion. We are using the AI-powered indicators to identify any signals that we may not have known about. Having started off on their initial beta version of scoring, we’re excited by the progress!”

Lauren Harold

Product led revenue drives the SaaS world

Better leads, more revenue

Turn your data into actionable insights
tap into your data warehouse, product analytics, and crm data
Find users who are ready-to-buy
delivered to your team in real-time, based on your company's goals
Enable best-in-class PLG sales playbooks
correlated helps you run proven playbooks for product led sales

Connect your data, uncover PQLs, take action

Built for the Modern Data Stack

Logos of data sources
Flexible Data Schema
Sync data directly from your CRM, CDP, or data warehouse. Correlated comes with no-code data onboarding and supports custom SQL for full customization.
Iconography of graph going up and to the right
Self-serve Insights
Configure scores, improve them, and measure results with a few clicks. Empower your entire GTM team with data and insights.
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Fully integrated with your stack
Layer Correlated insights onto existing workflows powered by the tools you already use.
Enterprise-grade Security
Correlated is SOC 2 Type II certified. Your data is safe with us.

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