Access product usage insights, marketing attribution data, billing info, and much more via Snowflake.

Data Warehouse

Snowflake's data cloud allows you to centralize your company's data in one place. Correlated's integration with Snowflake lets you take that cleanly modeled and centralized data and build propensity scores to power sales and marketing playbooks.

Use Cases

  • Easily connect your customer data from Snowflake to Correlated in just a few minutes.
  • Build lead scores throughout your customer lifecycle on top of your Snowflake data.
  • Power personalized email campaigns, trigger alerts and help your sales and marketing team sell more with Snowflake and Correlated together.



Execute your most critical workloads on top of Snowflake's multi-cluster shared data architecture in a fully managed platform.

Product led revenue drives the SaaS world

Better leads, more revenue

Turn your data into actionable insights
tap into your data warehouse, product analytics, and crm data
Find users who are ready-to-buy
delivered to your team in real-time, based on your company's goals
Enable best-in-class PLG sales playbooks
correlated helps you run proven playbooks for product led sales

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SOC 2 Type II Certified

Correlated is built with security firmly in mind. We’ve undertaken a rigorous process to ensure we are SOC2 Type II certified, giving you peace of mind. If you want to know more, contact us today.

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