How to Use PLG Data to Drive Growth | Trevor Greyson, GTM Technology & Ops at Miro

How to Use PLG Data to Drive Growth | Trevor Greyson, GTM Technology & Ops at Miro

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Believe it or not, over 96% of product led companies have sales teams. But making sure they have the insights they need to do their job is harder than it seems.

In this episode of Product Led Revenue, we have Trevor Greyson, who runs GTM Business Technology & Ops at Miro, on the show. Trevor shares how the Miro sales team functions and how data helps automate processes and avoid wasted time. He also explains why it’s important for each department to learn to collaborate with other teams within an organization, and some tips for making it happen.  


💡 Name: Trevor Greyson

💡 What he does: Trevor is the GTM Business Technology & Ops at Miro.

💡 Company: Miro

💡 Noteworthy: Before joining Miro, Trevor was in the consulting space and worked with SaaS and CBG companies. 

💡 Where to find Trevor: LinkedIn 

Key Insights

🎙️The trick is to define a buyer persona and aim for personalized messaging.

Instead of acting as a salesperson, you should act as an ally to your potential customer. Instead of selling, you must provide value and a solution. ''One of the key learnings here is that we need to know what exactly is the value that we're driving. And we need to know what the product value is to every one. [...] Not every person has the same case to be using the products. So we need to figure out each one of those hundred people [...] and how can we drive marketing action, success action, and sales action to that? How can we offer them features that maybe they are not aware of now.''

🎙️We need the right people and processes, but we also invest in a high-quality tech stack.

Asked about the internal and external tools, Trevor says: ''ZoomInfo is extremely important for us. We're able to see what our competitors are using, what tools we integrate with, key buying cycles that we see, and key buying indicators that folks use the specific toolset. Maybe more immature companies or smaller companies are likely to move over to something more mature. So that data is expensive and not always as reliable but can be extremely helpful in streamlining — fewer and more poignant questions to ask.''

🎙️Teamwork across the organization is the key to long-term success.

Aside from pointing out how important it is to focus on finding and monitoring data, Trevor also believes that success comes when teams learn to collaborate and share the data between departments. ''So, the survey data is great. The usage data is great. Email data is great, and then also the last beat, like the firmographic data. You have all these different data sources, and you get it together. It shouldn't just be for one team. It should be for all the teams to use together so that everyone's in unison and delivering the same message.''

Episode Highlights

⚡ We Want to Save the Sales Reps' Time and Enable Them to Focus on Large Revenue-Driving Actions 

''We've got a lot of great customers through this pandemic and this shift to remote. [...] But the idea is how do we learn more about them and expand them further without having our sales reps spend all their time individually; how do we level up that information? How do we streamline the communication and automate a lot of their actions?''

⚡ It's Important to Have a Well-Structured Sales Department

''We have a standard setup. We have SDRs, account executives, and account managers. Our SDRs and account executives are responsible for closing the new business or what we call a new logo. [...] A lot of the work that they're doing is prospecting that maybe someone reached out to us, who is using our self-service plan, but there may be other free users that are in there as well, too.

So a lot of the hard work they're doing is looking through the usage and the organizations within Snowflake and Looker in determining where else could there be beneficial usage for Miro. 

And then, at that point, once the prospecting and deal are complete, we hand that to an account manager and a CSM, who are responsible for both continuing the virality and continuing the usage.''

⚡ Customers Don't Want to Lose Time on a Sales Pitch: Provide Simple, Clear, and Personalized Messaging

''I'm a buyer, too, for our company. So I don't want to spend a ton of time on that phone, and I don't want to spend an hour and a half getting the sales pitch.

If someone can come to me like, 'You told us these were the few things that were important to you. I see in your business that this is tied to the importance of growth. So, let's streamline that.' [...] The more we can be personalized with them with less touch, the better.''

Top Quotes 

[11:32] ''We're focused on how we can improve productivity at these organizations and how our product can drive productivity or drive collisions between groups that are spread out remotely? So we wanna drive value before we drive sales.''
[26:02] ''We're more accurate now than we were five years ago, for sure. And then, as I mentioned earlier, we noticed that sharing boards drove our expansion. So that wasn't somewhere we got to overnight. We looked at data for years to figure that out, and now we know it's a leading indicator.''
[28:20] ''Usage can come from anywhere. It can come from schools, students, or professionals at Fortune 100 companies. So don't discount who can be your power users and drive revenue for you, whether this year or in three years.''

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