The Product-Led Revenue Show | Jorge Soto, Reprise

The Product-Led Revenue Show | Jorge Soto, Reprise

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Correlated's CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Geisenheimer, recently spoke on The Product-Led Revenue Show by Reprise, with Jorge L Soto. Here's some more info and a recording of that session.

Episode Summary

Tim's been a B2B sales leader for over a decade and has been various sales motions across adtech to enterprise SaaS. He's worked at rocketship startups like TapCommerce, which was acquired by Twitter.

In this conversation, Tim drops wisdom on the new world of PLG selling and more revenue side insights!

Key Insights

⚡ Tim and Jorge tackle some burning questions for product-led teams

Correlated is on a mission to solve a problem that we ourselves ran into over and over again at a range of startups and enterprise companies.

Sales, marketing, and customer success teams need to be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • Which user are ready for upsell?
  • When should I reach out to key accounts for expansion opportunities?
  • How will I know when an account tries out a new feature?

Frustrated by trying to generate actionable insights from a mix of manual spreadsheets, across multiple tools, with data that was quickly becoming outdated — we set out to build a better way to take real-time action based on how people were actually using their product.

The Product-Led Revenue Show by Reprise

💻 The Product-Led Revenue Show is a podcast focused on highlighting technology's top marketers, revenue, and product leaders, who share best practices around product-led growth and b2b marketing!

Interested in learning about how Correlated can help your PLG company uncover expansion and upsell opportunities?

Sales and revenue leaders at PLG companies, like yourself, are faced with unique challenges. Using tools like Correlated can help sales and marketing teams identify new accounts that are ready to convert, or can help to notify your team for expansion and upsell opportunities.

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