Correlated Fall 2023 Product Updates
Correlated Fall 2023 Product Updates
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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Correlated Fall 2023 Product Updates

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We've been busy shipping! 🚢

It's been a few months since Correlated's first launch week in the summer and we haven't slowed down. Here's a rundown of some of our recent launches.

Custom Scoring Reports

For many Ops and GTM teams trying to identify high intent accounts for sales to focus on, one of the most challenging aspects can be proving that their scoring strategy actually works. In Correlated, we help take the guesswork out of it by providing you with ready-to-go reports that determine exactly how much revenue your scores are generating.

To get started, all you have to do is tell Correlated how we should identify your revenue, by providing us with data like MRR or ARR. From there, we'll automatically begin to calculate the results of your scores at every stage (Conversion, Expansion, etc).

See stats like total leads, total converted leads, and a breakdown of lead conversion rate per score (high, medium, or low) for the last 7, 30, or 90 days. We'll even offer a high-level summary, ensuring you understand just how much more likely high scoring accounts are to convert compared to lower scoring accounts.

Additionally, see the distribution of all revenue attributed to your PQLs, so you know exactly how much your product-led strategy is bringing to the table.

Webhook Templates

First, our new Webhook Template feature. If you use Correlated's "Webhook: Send to URL" action in Playbooks to connect with any downstream tools that we don't have first-class integrations for yet, you're in luck.

Instead of having to individually map the fields you want synced for every new Playbook you build, now you can simply create "templates" for the ones you use regularly!

For example, let's say you want to sync Correlated's PQL Score, Activity Score, and usage data to your CRM, like Pipedrive. Just create a template that maps all of those fields and next time you set up a Playbook action, that template will be ready for you to select and launch ASAP.

Playbook Control

We understand your PLG motion is constantly evolving, so we added some new functionality to help you keep up with those changes in Correlated. Now, you have the control to turn Playbooks completely "on" or "off" as needed.

When a Playbook is turned off, no new users or accounts will trigger the playbook, and actions will not run. It's the perfect time to adjust the conditions until you're 100% ready to launch it. Additionally, you can use this setting to turn outdated Playbooks off without losing any of the historical data, like who triggered and when, actions sent, and goals achieved.

Ownership Routing for Slack DMs

Next, we added support for Lead Ownership Routing via our Slack DM action! If you remember from our earlier announcement, you can use Correlated's Ownership Routing to intelligently "round-robin" assign leads to a group of owners based on Playbook logic.

For example, if an account receives a high expansion PQL score and has 500+ employees, you can evenly distribute these leads between a team of enterprise reps.

Now, you can use this assignment to deliver Slack Direct Messages! As soon as a new lead triggers your Playbook, we'll route them to a rep and maintain that assignment when firing the Slack alert.

HubSpot as a Data Source

Since the beginning, Correlated has powered downstream actions to HubSpot. For example, automatically adding new PQLs to a list in HubSpot and triggering a customized workflow or creating a task via Playbooks.

Now, the integration goes both ways! You can import any HubSpot Contact or Company properties directly into Correlated. 

This data can be used to enhance your PQL scoring models, as conditions for users or accounts to trigger a Playbook, to equip your reps with relevant information when they’re reaching out to leads, and more!

You can get going with HubSpot as a data source in minutes - Simply connect HubSpot to Correlated, configure the integration, and start importing new data! Check out our documentation for the step-by-step guide.

Human-Readable CRM Fields

With the recent support of HubSpot as a data source, we figured it was also time to upgrade how we ingest data from your CRMs.

Historically, Correlated would import CRM data under the "API name" from Salesforce and HubSpot. Now, we'll automatically import your CRM data in the same human-readable format to match that field / property name -- no more confusion or re-naming dimensions in Correlated needed!

New Slack App Notifications

If you're anything like us, you spend a BIG portion of your work day in Slack, which is exactly why we decided to invest a little time back into it. Through Slack notifications powered by Correlated Playbooks, you can get more customer information than ever before at your fingertips! Here’s what’s new:

  1. Reasons for receiving an alert: Based on the conditions you set, Correlated will include the specific reason a user or account triggered your Playbook. No more guessing!
  2. Scoring "why": If you've enabled Correlated's PQL Scoring, you'll now see a breakdown of the top 5 indicators that contributed to each unique score, so you know exactly why someone received a high, medium, or low score.
  3. Recent activity stream: For any given user or account, see the most recent product events they performed for additional insight into their behavior / usage.
  4. Easy-to-find trigger details: Choose additional information from your data sources to show up at the top of every notification - It's never been easier to surface important context to your reps so they're equipped to follow up!

Owner Assignment Routing

Does your sales enablement tool make assigning leads a nightmare? Do you wish you had the freedom to customize routing to your exact specifications? If so, you might be a candidate for Correlated’s new lead owner routing feature.

Inside Correlated's Playbooks, flexibly combine data from any source to target different types of customers, then use these conditions to round-robin assign the leads who trigger the playbook equally between a specified "Owner Group" of reps. From there, you can automatically add users to a Salesloft cadence, create a Salesforce task, send a Slack DM, add users to an Outreach sequence, or send a webhook to another app and we'll manage the new assignment!

Our new ownership assignment feature enables powerful use cases - here are a couple to spark your imagination:

  1. Route new sign ups who receive a high PQL score to your SDR team
  2. Route trialing customers of different company sizes to the right onboarding rep
  3. Route inbound leads to the proper sales team based on their region

Filters for Scoring Models

Time and time again, we've heard feedback from Correlated customers that the more granular control they can have over how their PQL Scoring Models are built, the happier they'll be. So, we listened! Introducing "Filters" for Scoring Models.

Now, in addition to having control over the goal set for your scoring models and the customer data that goes into the models, you can also define "filters" for the types of accounts or users that should be scored. To see how it's done, let's walk through an example:

  1. You have a high volume of self-serve accounts that sign up, and your reps need to focus on the ones who are most likely to convert.
  2. First, set the model's "filter" to look only at customers who are on your free self-serve tier.

  1. Next, set the "goal" to indicate a successful conversion, for example adding a credit card, or ARR > $0.

  1. Finally, Correlated will score all self-serve sign ups moving forward on their propensity to convert to paid, so your reps can focus on the accounts with a "high" score and close more deals.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our new releases. That’s all for now, but we’ll share more product improvements soon enough!

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