Correlated Launch Week 1 Recap
Correlated Launch Week 1 Recap
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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Correlated Launch Week 1 Recap

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Thanks for tuning into Correlated's first launch week! Here's what we launched and read to the end for a special, extra launch of two new features.

Day 1: Updated AI-Powered Scoring

On day 1, we launched major updates to AI-powered scoring. Highlights include:

  • We now give you granular control over every model element: the goal, the training data going in, and the audience of customers being scored for your specific use cases
  • You can set your preferred score thresholds to determine the precise volume of new leads coming in
  • Lastly you're now able to uncover what's most correlated to success for your customers throughout their lifecycle, from ICP fit, to product usage and website activity

We have a lot more to come here, including an update that didn't make the list which we'll highlight at the end.

Day 2: Intelligent Lead Routing

On day 2, we launched intelligent lead routing. Most lead routing is based off of form fills or website based behavioral scoring. Correlated allows you to route leads based on product behavior and PQL/PQA scores. Read the full post to learn more!

Day 3: Customer 360 in Slack

On day 3, we launched customer 360 in our completely revamped Slack app. With our redesigned Slack app, you're now able to pull data in from across multiple systems like product analytics, CRM and data warehouses as well as behavioral activity of accounts or users within your app or website. This means we can deliver a customer 360 view within Slack for your sales and success teams!

Day 4: Hubspot v2

With our updated Hubspot integration, you can now bi-directionally sync between Correlated and Hubspot! This is a big win for customers that want to send and receive data from Hubspot in Correlated. Read more about our day 4 launch here.

Day 5: Real-time behavioral intent triggers

On the last day, we launched real-time intent triggers within Correlated Playbooks. This means you can now utilize website visits as triggers alongside Correlated scores or other product behavior. Now you can identify a high propensity to convert account in your self-serve user base, assign a user within that account to a salesperson and then trigger an Outreach or Salesloft campaign that's customized to their product usage when they go to your pricing page. Now that's speed to lead!

Day 6: Scoring filtering and updated activity history

For our recap, we couldn't help but launch a few other things that didn't make it into last week's launch week. Here are two launches today.

Scoring Filters

Now you can set global scoring rules for customer lifecycle stages like free-to-paid conversion, expansion, cross-sell or churn and then filter out customer segments. For example you can choose to only target mid-market accounts that have expanded vs. including SMB or Enterprise. Similarly you can filter by geography or even product usage. The sky is the limit!

Consolidated activity history

We've tidied up and greatly improved our Playbooks activity history. Now you can get a lot more detail on what actions are firing in your Playbooks and if there are errors what's going on and why.

Want to learn more?

Drop us a line if you're interested in learning more about how Correlated can help your team drive incremental revenue from your customers. Stay tuned for more launches coming soon!

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