➡️ Announcing Correlated's Intelligent Lead Routing
➡️  Announcing Correlated's Intelligent Lead Routing
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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➡️ Announcing Correlated's Intelligent Lead Routing

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Most B2B sales and marketing teams use lead routing of some kind. Often this routing is predicated on inbound intent like a form fill. Sometimes marketing and growth teams use concepts like MQLs to route leads to sales or SDR teams.

SaaS companies with a self-serve business often have to shoe horn lead routing into those more traditional B2B concepts like hand raisers or inbound demo requests. What if you want SDRs, salespeople or CSMs to be assigned accounts in your self-serve user base when they hit an activation metric, look ready for expansion or are at risk of churn? Existing routing solutions don't sit on top of all of your customer data and therefore don't easily enable these use cases.

Intelligent Routing from Correlated

Enter Correlated's intelligent lead routing. Our lead routing allows you to assign leads or existing customers to your teams based on the flexible criteria you set in Correlated Playbooks. Because Correlated sits on top of your product analytics tool, CRM and/or data warehouse that means you can create flexible assignments on:

  • A PQL/PQA score being met.
  • Product usage triggers.
  • Billing trends (increase in spend or decrease in spend).
  • Anything else in data you're collecting!

How it works

Once you set those triggers, you're able to create teams that are unique to your company structure (AEs, SDRs, Enterprise Reps, APAC reps, etc). These teams can then automatically be assigned users or accounts based on the routing rules you determine.

Because Correlated connects to your GTM stack, you're able to trigger actions like:

  • Assign an owner to a specific cadence in Salesloft when a self-serve user hits an activation metric and visits the pricing page, but doesn't fill out the form.
  • Route PQLs to SDRs in Salesforce.
  • Assign a CSM to an account at risk of churn in the self-serve customer base in Hubspot.

The sky is the limit for routing triggers, we'll be featuring Correlated customer examples for routing in the coming weeks.

Learn more

If you're interested in learning more about Correlated's Intelligent Lead Routing, drop us a line. We're happy to give you a product tour!

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