Announcing the Correlated destination for Segment: send Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to your revenue team
Announcing the Correlated destination for Segment: send Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to your revenue team
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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Announcing the Correlated destination for Segment: send Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to your revenue team

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Correlated is an end-to-end PQL platform that allows revenue teams to identify, follow-up with, and automate their PQL strategies. Correlated delivers recommended PQLs allowing revenue teams to fully customize their PQLs into dynamic cohorts. Without Correlated, revenue teams looking to build data-driven revenue strategies often end up competing for limited engineering and data science resources. This results in long turnarounds for any data-related projects, and making revenue strategies reactive rather than proactive. The interesting thing is that most companies are already collecting the raw data they need in Segment - they just aren’t delivering those insights in an immediately actionable way to their GTM teams.

Correlated destination for Segment product Qualified Leads (PQLs)

Key benefits of Correlated + Segment

Our Segment integration solves three key problems that revenue teams face today:

  1. Understanding what characteristics make up a promising customer
  2. Identifying those customers in real-time 
  3. Delivering those leads directly to the right GTM teams (like sales)

Previously, our Segment integration was only available in private access, so we’re excited to make it available on the public Segment catalog!

If you use Segment to track product usage on your website and application, great news! You can now easily connect Segment to Correlated and get started leveraging PQL Playbooks in just a few minutes.

PQLs: what characteristics indicate a promising customer 

Segment is a powerful platform for collecting and exposing usage metrics. However, if you’ve ever looked into the actual data generated by Segment, it’s a timeline of user events and actions which in and of itself is a powerful data source, but lacks context and meaning for revenue teams. 

Correlated’s Segment integration focuses on providing both context and meaning to Segment’s event data. 

First, we combine Segment event metrics with customer context pulled from Salesforce. Second, we add meaning by modeling the event metrics into key metrics that are more understandable to revenue teams. Finally, we process Segment events via our machine learning model to identify the characteristics most likely to lead to a conversion. What users ultimately get is a deeper understanding of what matters when it comes to prioritizing customers, as well as immediate PQLs out of the box. 

Identifying & acting on PQLs in real-time

SaaS companies who have already defined their product qualified leads (PQLs) continue to struggle with how to make those leads actionable for go-to-market (GTM) teams. Correlated offers a powerful Playbook automation engine that can send leads to the next best team to act on them. For example, Correlated can assign Salesforce Tasks to Account Executives, add SMB leads to automated nurture campaigns in Hubspot, and much more! With Correlated, you aren’t just getting PQLs, you’re also getting the tools you need to operationalize them throughout your organization. 

We are excited to introduce our Segment integration publicly, and alongside this release we’re also shipping fully self-serve data onboarding. What this means is that you can add events and properties from Segment with a simple click-through interface. Some customers can complete the entire integration in less than 5 minutes! If you’re ready to get started, you can create a free account today.

Get started with Segment and Correlated

If you’d like to get started with Correlated using Segment, just navigate to Correlated’s Destination page in Segment and after a few clicks you’re good to go! You can learn more here, read the full docs if you’d like to dig in, or create your own free Correlated account.

Interested in learning about how Correlated can help your PLG company uncover expansion and upsell opportunities?

Sales and revenue leaders at PLG companies, like yourself, are faced with unique challenges. Using tools like Correlated can help sales and marketing teams identify new accounts that are ready to convert, or can help to notify your team for expansion and upsell opportunities.

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