Correlated’s Hubspot CRM integration is now in Beta
Correlated’s Hubspot CRM integration is now in Beta
Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh
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Correlated’s Hubspot CRM integration is now in Beta

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Enriching your Hubspot CRM data with product usage data just got a whole lot easier!

If you’re using Hubspot as a CRM but are struggling to make it work for your product-led sales motion, we’ve got good news for you! Our Hubspot CRM integration is now available in Beta, which means that you can start piping data about who your customers are in Hubspot into Correlated to get a unified view of not only who your customers are, but also what they’re doing in your product.

Once you have this 360 degree view at your fingertips, you can leverage Correlated to easily identify customers who are active in your product and match the firmographic characteristics of your target customers. By targeting the right customers at the right time, you'll improve your free-to-paid conversion rates and drive more expansion revenue within existing accounts - goals that we can all get behind! 

Why Correlated decided to integrate with Hubspot

Correlated currently integrates with Salesforce to combine CRM data with product usage data that lives in either CDPs like Segment or data warehouses like Snowflake. However, we have a long pipeline of customers knocking on our door asking for an integration to Hubspot. For many product-led companies, Hubspot is the platform of choice for marketing automation, and it’s only natural that many of these companies also choose to use Hubspot’s CRM. We were simply getting too many requests for Hubspot, and decided that it was time to turn the feature request into reality!

At a higher level, product-led companies all struggle with the challenge of operationalizing a repeatable upsell motion - from “converting” free tier customers to paid to “expanding” existing customers to larger plans. They need to prioritize which customers to spend their time on, and that information does not live solely in CRMs. Instead, sales teams need to leverage data about what customers are doing in their platform in addition to firmographic data that lives in CRMs. That’s why it’s so important for product-led revenue platforms like Correlated to integrate with CRMs - by pulling in data from multiple data sources, we can help you make smarter decisions about which customers to spend your time on. 

How to get started

So what does it even mean for a feature to be in Beta? All it means is that we’ve recently finished developing it and are looking for users to try things out and provide feedback. If you’ve been looking for a product-led revenue platform and are using Hubspot as a CRM, now is a great time to reach out to learn more about the product and try out our new Hubspot integration. It’s always exciting to be among the first to see something new! 

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