Correlated is an official Hightouch destination!
Correlated is an official Hightouch destination!
Matty Leech
Matty Leech
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Correlated is an official Hightouch destination!

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You heard it here first - Correlated is an official destination of Hightouch, a leading Reverse ETL solution that allows you to sync data from your warehouse to 125+ SaaS tools (now including Correlated 🎉) in a matter of minutes.

There are a ton of amazing benefits to using Correlated and Hightouch together, but to highlight a few…

6 Reasons to get started with Hightouch and Correlated today

1. Your first Hightouch destination is FREE

Your team has likely already invested resources to stand-up your data warehouse in an optimal way for product-led growth, so adding another tool to the stack may not be ideal. Luckily, your first destination in Hightouch is totally free. Send your warehouse data to Correlated and test our new AI-powered propensity scoring model and Playbooks with zero risk.

2. Build AI-powered lead scores in minutes

With Hightouch and Correlated, you can connect the valuable customer data in your data warehouse and use Correlated’s AI-powered Customer Lifecycle Scoring engine to build custom lead scores in minutes. Identify your best potential customers based on highest likelihood to convert, propensity to expand revenue or whether or not they’re a churn risk.

3. Quick and seamless integration process

With a direct connection between both tools, you can start syncing your customer and product usage data from Hightouch to Correlated almost immediately. Just OAuth to connect to Hightouch via Correlated, select your source, select your destination, create a sync, and you’re ready to start uncovering revenue opportunities.

4. Sync events in real-time

Arguably one of the most beneficial perks to using Hightouch in Correlated is the quick access to your product events (displayed as “metrics” in Correlated). No more missing out on hot leads because you can’t access your data warehouse. You can craft Playbooks to instantly capture when a user does something interesting in your product, like connecting an integration, hitting a paywall, or inviting a new user, and direct them instantly to your team to follow up.

Correlated’s use of metrics also allows for you to seamlessly analyze usage change over time with our built-in measurements on trigger conditions. For example, look at percent change over time, drop or growth in event occurrences over time, and overall percentile change.

5. Send up to 100 custom fields

In addition to core product events, you can sync up to 100 custom fields over to Correlated, making specialized workflows a breeze.

6. Turn account and user data into qualified leads

Sync data about your accounts and users into Correlated to generate lead scores that measure propensity to convert, expand, or churn. Now you can easily turn data you’re already storing in your data warehouse into actionable, scored leads for your GTM teams.

Get started today

It doesn’t get much simpler to enable your team to tackle conversion, expansion, and retention opportunities with Correlated. Start your free trial today, and sign up for Hightouch to get your first destination free!

For more information on getting set up, check out the following resources:

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