Correlated launches PQL Scoring to accelerate your product-led strategy
Correlated launches PQL Scoring to accelerate your product-led strategy
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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Correlated launches PQL Scoring to accelerate your product-led strategy

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We've spent the last 18 months building Correlated to scratch an itch that we personally experienced. We were frustrated by the lack of access to tools that enable marketing & sales teams at SaaS companies to figure out which users and accounts were most likely to convert, expand, or be cross-sold into.

With a self-service product, it's easy for users to sign up and figure out if the product is right for them and their team. But what’s not so easy is for you to figure out which users and accounts are ready to convert from free-to-paid or spend more on your product.

So, we’re on a mission to enable go-to-market teams at software companies that have a self-service product, with a better way to convert, expand, and drive revenue using insights from product usage. 

Driven by you, backed by data

We’ve spoken to hundreds of growth teams, marketers, sales leaders, customer success executives, and data and ops teams at leading SaaS companies. The common theme is how broken the current process and workflows are for modern go-to-market teams that are tasked with selling their products to customers that, in many cases, are already avid, loyal users of their free or self-serve products.

Many sales and marketing teams are still deploying unpersonalized cold emailing as well as black box account-based marketing (ABM) techniques to companies and individuals that are more educated than ever before about their products – because they’re already using them!

Our goal at Correlated is to help modern revenue teams at SaaS companies run more dynamic, personalized playbooks and reach out to the right customer when they’re ready to purchase, leveraging messaging that’s tailored to how they’re using your self-serve product today. We’ve seen dramatically higher conversion rates and revenue pipeline from our customers that use Correlated vs. the old way of impersonal, cold outreach.

How Correlated works

Correlated helps you convert your self-serve SaaS users and accounts into paid customers. We do this by plugging into your customer data via integrations with CRM (like Salesforce or Hubspot), product analytics tools (like Segment) and data warehouses (like Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift). 

Correlated’s platform identifies the key moments when users and accounts are ready to convert, expand or are at risk of churn. With today’s launch, we’re unveiling our PQL Scoring feature that leverages proprietary machine learning (ML) models to help you identify the product qualified leads (PQLs) and product qualified accounts (PQAs) that are the best fit based on where they are in your customer lifecycle.

Once you’ve identified the right users and accounts ready to convert or expand, we’ll automatically surface them in tools like Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, Marketo and Slack. This means your marketing and growth team can help your sales team action on the best PQLs and PQAs in the tools they’re already using as opposed to making them sign into yet another tool. 

Finally, cut back on hours of work with built-in powerful reporting so you can determine which playbooks are generating more valuable leads and revenue.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

To summarize the above:

  1. Leverage machine learning to automatically uncover your best PQLs and PQAs
  2. Seamlessly run product-led playbooks that convert self-serve users and accounts in all your existing tools
  3. Quantify the results to present to your team

Try Correlated with your team for free

We know how difficult a product-led strategy can be – we’ve been product-led from Day One – but we also know there’s nothing better than trying out a product before you buy it. 

Our team has worked hard to deliver our own self-serve product experience. We'd love for you to take it for a spin and drive more product-led revenue for your company. 

We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on, thank you for the support! 💜

Interested in learning about how Correlated can help your PLG company uncover expansion and upsell opportunities?

Sales and revenue leaders at PLG companies, like yourself, are faced with unique challenges. Using tools like Correlated can help sales and marketing teams identify new accounts that are ready to convert, or can help to notify your team for expansion and upsell opportunities.

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