How the best sales and CS teams are finding expansion opportunities with Slack
How the best sales and CS teams are finding expansion opportunities with Slack
Tim Geisenheimer
Tim Geisenheimer
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How the best sales and CS teams are finding expansion opportunities with Slack

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How can you drive more expansion revenue?

Your product data is a goldmine of information. 

You can see which users or accounts are more active and how they’re using (or not using) your product. 

It’s a surefire way to hit your expansion quota and avoid churn.

But… getting your hands on product data isn’t as easy as it should be. Or is it? 

Enter Signals from Correlated, which sends notifications from your product data in real time into Slack.

Our Slack integration helps sales and customer success teams respond to signals from product data and other metrics. We can get your team up and running in 20 minutes, all without SQL or custom engineering!

expansion opportunity alert in slack

Let’s say you want to: 

  • Send a Slack message to the right sales rep when an Account they own shows a customer has used a new feature for the first time.
  • Alert the CS team whenever an Account starts to show a negative health usage metric like declining usage.
  • Send a salesperson a message when a Contact with a specific title within one of their Accounts signs in.

Correlated can power these use cases and many more, without the need to know SQL or involve your data team.

Using Signals to get your product data sent to Slack

Once you’ve connected your product data and CRM data to Correlated, you’re able to build Signals.

You can easily mix and match product usage data, custom metrics from your data warehouse like Snowflake or BigQuery, and fields in Salesforce to arrive at lists of Accounts or Users you want to keep tabs on.

creating an expansion opportunity in correlated

In this particular example, the sales team wants to be notified in Slack when: 

  1. an Account sees at least five organic invites sent out
  2. product utilization is above 95% of users
  3. and the Account is near its usage cap. 

Taken together, Accounts that have these characteristics are very good expansion opportunities, so being notified immediately in Slack when an Account shows these signals is critical.

correlated expansion opportunity

Gone are the days of bugging your engineering team to help you write SQL queries (or writing them yourself)! What used to take an analyst hours to write SQL queries for a one-off list is now done in seconds with Correlated Labs!

Once you’ve set your Signal you can create an ongoing workflow that triggers a Slack notification any time an Account or User fits this criteria.

Talk to our team

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re helping companies be more proactive in expansion and upsell conversations using Slack, reach out and let us know!

Interested in learning about how Correlated can help your PLG company uncover expansion and upsell opportunities?

Sales and revenue leaders at PLG companies, like yourself, are faced with unique challenges. Using tools like Correlated can help sales and marketing teams identify new accounts that are ready to convert, or can help to notify your team for expansion and upsell opportunities.

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