Power Your Lead Scoring with Correlated’s Amplitude Integration
Power Your Lead Scoring with Correlated’s Amplitude Integration
Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh
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Power Your Lead Scoring with Correlated’s Amplitude Integration

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Generating qualified leads and driving conversions is a top priority for businesses at any stage of their product-led growth journey. A key ingredient to identifying the best leads is real-time buying intent signals. That's why we're thrilled to announce our newest integration with Amplitude, which allows you to incorporate near real-time events and pageviews into your Correlated account so that you can target leads right when they are showing the strongest buying intent.

By pairing your customized Correlated PQL or PQA AI-propensity scores on top of key intent signals from Amplitude, you'll gain greater visibility into how your customers are using your product and interacting with your content. This insight is essential for enabling your sales, customer success, and growth teams to reach out to leads not only at the right time, but with the most relevant message.

Further, the more data you collect about your leads, the better your AI-propensity scores will be at predicting likelihood to buy. By layering Amplitude data on top of other data you collect about your leads, you’re able to craft a more complete picture of who your best leads are.  

So how can adding Amplitude power up your Lead Scoring strategy?

It’s easy to get started - simply integrate Amplitude into your Correlated account, and Correlated will automatically generate metrics, accounts, and users using real-time data from Amplitude. With this new data source, you’ll be able to start building Scoring models and Playbooks for all stages of the customer lifecycle: conversion, expansion, onboarding, and retention.

A real-life example of how you can leverage Amplitude data

Let's say you're interested in converting free users to paid plans (an obvious use case for all PLG companies). With Amplitude integrated into Correlated, you can create a PQA "conversion" score that catches any accounts showing a high propensity to put their credit card in. You can then create a Playbook that triggers whenever a new account receives a high conversion score, AND they clicked around in your billing page within the last week. This can trigger an action that automatically sends a Slack alert to your team to reach out, or even kicks off a sequence in Outreach or a workflow in HubSpot to nurture them accordingly. It’s the combination of lead scoring with an intent signal that makes your lead scoring strategy that much more relevant for your potential leads. 

But that's just the beginning! With our AI scoring model, you can capture the propensity of accounts to expand to your enterprise tier by combining a high expansion score with an event for someone clicking on a gated feature within the last day. Or even create a retention score to capture accounts who are most at-risk of churning, and use an Amplitude event to monitor when they might be removing users, logging in less frequently, or another strong indicator of churn. 

The Correlated-Amplitude integration provides you with the tools you need to revolutionize your lead scoring process. By combining intent signals with AI-powered propensity scores, you'll be able to reach out to leads with personalized messages at precisely the right time, improving your conversion, adoption, and driving business growth.

Note: The Amplitude integration is available now! If you’re interested in giving it a try, request a demo today!

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