Want PQLs? Leverage customer product usage data in your data warehouse to find better leads
Want PQLs? Leverage customer product usage data in your data warehouse to find better leads
Matty Leech
Matty Leech
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Want PQLs? Leverage customer product usage data in your data warehouse to find better leads

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Enabling sales and other go-to-market teams to convert more leads, expand existing revenue, and move the needle forward for their companies in the most efficient way possible through a product-led model is a difficult task. We’ve made it our mission at Correlated to help solve this.

The challenge, however, is that even the best PLG SaaS companies struggle to put actionable insights driven by product-usage data into the hands of their go-to-market teams. You’ve probably felt the pain - jumping through hoops and bugging data engineers to get the right data, and by the time you finally have the data needed to target these revenue opportunities, the window to reach a lead while they’re “hot” has already passed.

To combat this challenge, we’ve been working hard to develop new ways of bridging the gap between data and revenue teams. We want to make it possible for data teams to pass on their knowledge of business data in a repeatable fashion, while allowing GTM teams to self-serve their way to insights.

Introducing: new self-serve data warehouse onboarding

The solution? A simple, self-serve way to connect to data warehouses which contain models that your data teams have built. Sales, customer success, marketing, and data teams alike can access key product-led growth (PLG) customer information such as billing trends, website engagement, product usage, and anything else you might be storing in a data warehouse. By breaking down the silos that typically limit visibility into this vital information, more people are becoming empowered to take advantage of their existing data to reach the right customers with the right messaging, without the need for assistance from a data analyst on an ongoing basis.

Correlated’s new user-friendly data onboarding is compatible with all of your favorite data warehouses, like BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. Anyone on your team with access to Correlated will now be able to pick and choose the data points they want to leverage to find PQLs and drive their automated product-led playbooks forward.

If you utilize additional data sources, for example a CRM like Salesforce or a CDP like Segment, rest assured that you’ll have full self-serve access to the fields or events that live there as well. And for anyone on the data team reading this, it’s also good to note that this is a “view-only” situation - so while the rest of your team can now effortlessly access the data, there’s no way for it to be altered or edited from Correlated’s end. 

Once your data warehouse is initially connected to Correlated (which takes just a second), it’s simple to import new tables or data points needed to target the customers and leads you’re interested in. We’ve seen this be especially useful for our customers as their strategy and product changes over time, and they’re required to adjust with it. Only now, these adjustments can be seamlessly made without requiring duplicate technical resources. 

A common data stack we see in PLG is a combination of a cloud data warehouse (CDW) that stores all customer data and dbt models built by the data team that sit on top of the CDW. The dbt models present transformed data in a format that is more readily consumed by GTM teams. Correlated can directly consume those models so that your data teams can build reusable models using the tools they already love.

finding product qualified leads with data warehouse

Start unlocking insights

To dig in and start exploring the exciting possibilities that live in your data warehouse, just navigate to the Integrations page in the Correlated product and open up your preferred data warehouse. From here, you can peek into the tables that are already connected by clicking “Edit” on the desired table and instantly start importing data. We even simplified the process of adding a new table, by letting you identify each column needed to best interpret your company’s unique data. When you’re done, just click “Sync data” and we’ll add the selected columns as “dimensions” to your Playbook builder, so you can flexibly model the criteria you want and run automated plays off of it. You can always come back and add more columns as needed.

integrating correlated with customer usage data product

This new data onboarding interface allows data analysts to curate data, but is also simple enough for a business user to come back and add more data right when they need it. This, combined with Correlated’s existing Playbook and Goal features allows revenue teams to quickly find PQLs, determine if their strategy is working and if not, and easily adjust their settings with robust data now at their fingertips.

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