April Product Roundup: Capture better intent signals to fill your pipeline
April Product Roundup: Capture better intent signals to fill your pipeline
Matty Leech
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April Product Roundup: Capture better intent signals to fill your pipeline

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As we roll into Q2, we’d love to share all the progress the Correlated team has made last month! We’ve been hard at work adding a variety of improvements to make your life easier, and your customer data in Correlated more actionable.

Reach out immediately to high-value prospects showing buying intent on your website 

Now, in addition to tracking your standard product events from Segment, Correlated offers first-class support for web page events via Segment. This means that you can easily track user behavior across your marketing site (including relevant blog / doc views) and get deeper insights into how your customers are interacting with your product.

In practice, we encourage you to build playbooks that utilize page views on top of PQL scores. For example, start tracking anyone who receives a high “conversion” score from Correlated and views your pricing page. Intent to buy doesn’t get much clearer than that!

Product image showing how to build an intent signal playbook

Peek inside the blackbox to understand the “why” behind PQL scores

Correlated’s new scoring indicators provide even more granular insights into why an account or user received a high PQL score. With a per-user and per-account scoring overview, you can see the exact product usage and firmographic / demographic attributes that influenced their unique score. As a result, reps can easily leverage these insights as core context when reaching out to your high scoring leads, or at-risk customers.

Table that shows why an account or user got a score and what factors are driving the lead score

Self-serve your way to the best lead score for your company 

We know your company and GTM motion is constantly changing. So naturally, you need your PQL and PQA scores to adjust as you (and the market) do. You now have the power to manually retrain your models. While Correlated already re-runs and analyzes your models frequently, if you ever find yourself importing new data that you want the model to utilize, just hit the retrain button and see your new results in about 20 minutes.

Arrow pointing at a button that shows that you can retrain your lead scoring models at any time

Enhance your Lead Scores with our newest Amplitude integration

Finally, we’re proud to announce that we’ve officially integrated with Amplitude, one of the leading product analytics platforms. With this integration, you can seamlessly combine powerful product events and page views from Amplitude with other data sources, and on top of PQL scores in Correlated.

Simply provide us with your Amplitude API key and secret key, and get connected in seconds!

Amplitude integration

We’re thrilled with our latest feature releases and can’t wait to share what’s in store for the coming months. Whether you’re looking for improved usability, more granular insights, or deeper integration with other platforms, we’ve got you covered.

Start supercharging your customer insights today and sign up for a free Correlated trial!

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