Spring 2023 Feature Release Roundup
Spring 2023 Feature Release Roundup
Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh
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Spring 2023 Feature Release Roundup

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At Correlated, we're committed to providing GTM teams at leading SaaS companies with the tools they need to generate qualified leads and boost conversions. In our latest feature release, we're excited to announce significant enhancements to our lead scoring capabilities, data connections, and Slack app integration. Let's take a closer look at these exciting updates!

1. New Slack Notifications

We understand that Slack is an essential part of many work environments today, and we're thrilled to bring even more functionality and customer insights delivered right to you. Our new Slack notifications, powered by Correlated Playbooks, put valuable information right at your fingertips. Here's what's new:

Reasons for triggering

Based on the conditions you set, Correlated will include the specific reason a user or account triggered your Playbook. This ensures that you have all the context you need to take swift action.

Enhanced visibility into lead scoring

If you've enabled Correlated's PQL Scoring, you'll now see a breakdown of the top five indicators contributing to each unique score. This insight allows you to identify what makes someone a strong lead and tailor your engagement accordingly.

Recent activity stream

Gain deeper visibility into user behavior and usage with the most recent product events performed by a given user or account. This additional insight helps you better understand your customers' actions and preferences.

Easy-to-find trigger details

All customer details included in your Slack Action will now appear at the top of the notification. With this streamlined layout, you can quickly surface important context to your sales reps, enabling them to provide personalized support.

2. Export PQL Scores

As our customers continue to roll out Correlated PQL scores across their GTM structure, a common question has been: how can we push these scores back into our other tools?

Our brand new exporting feature allows you to periodically receive granular data from our PQL scoring engine in a form that you can use in your own applications and third party services. Scores from any of your unique models can be exported to commonly used cloud object storage services, like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud GCS!

To use this beta exporting feature, please contact us support@getcorrelated.com. To learn more about the set up, check out this how-to doc.

3. The "Why" Behind PQL Scores

We understand the frustration that comes with traditional lead scoring models that operate as "black boxes." That's why we've taken a significant step towards transparency by introducing a detailed overview for every score in our product-qualified lead scoring system.

With our new feature, you can now access comprehensive insights into the factors driving each lead's score. Simply click open any Account or User with a score in Correlated, and you'll be instantly brought to an "Overview" tab that provides you with invaluable information, including:

- The numerical PQL score assigned for every stage (ranging from 0 to 100)

- The top five indicators (Data Points) contributing to the score, along with specific values for each indicator

- The ranking of each value's importance compared to others for a particular indicator

- The overall lift and impact of each indicator within the scoring model

With this level of transparency, you can make informed decisions about your leads, whether they are ready to convert or have the potential for future expansion.

4. Amplitude and Mixpanel Integrations

To ensure accurate and timely lead scoring, it's crucial to leverage real-time buying intent signals. That's why we're thrilled to announce our integrations with two leading product analytics tools: Amplitude and Mixpanel.

With these integrations, you can connect your Amplitude or Mixpanel instance to Correlated within minutes. By importing your product usage and website events in near real-time, you'll supercharge your lead scoring models. Additionally, you can combine milestone events with existing PQL or PQA scores to maximize the effectiveness of your customer outreach!

More coming soon!

We're hard at work on some exciting new functionality that will make its way into Correlated over the coming weeks. Feel free to request a demo if you'd like to learn more!

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