Supercharge Your Lead Scoring with Mixpanel
Supercharge Your Lead Scoring with Mixpanel
Matty Leech
Matty Leech
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Supercharge Your Lead Scoring with Mixpanel

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Effective lead scoring is crucial for businesses looking to generate qualified leads and drive conversions throughout their product-led growth journey. To identify the most promising leads, real-time buying intent signals play a vital role. That's why we're excited to announce our latest integration with Mixpanel, empowering you to incorporate near real-time events and pageviews into your Correlated account. This integration enables you to target leads precisely when they exhibit the strongest buying intent.

How It Works

By leveraging Mixpanel's key intent signals alongside your customized Correlated PQL or PQA propensity scores, you'll gain invaluable insights into how customers engage with your product and interact with your content. This intelligence equips your sales, customer success, and growth teams to reach out to leads not only at the right time but with the most relevant message.

Furthermore, the more data you gather about your leads, the more accurate your AI-propensity scores become in predicting buying likelihood. By layering Mixpanel data on top of other lead data, you'll paint a comprehensive picture of your best leads.

So, how does integrating Mixpanel enhance your Lead Scoring strategy? It's a seamless process. Simply integrate Mixpanel into your Correlated account, and watch as Correlated automatically generates metrics, accounts, and users using real-time data from Mixpanel. With this enriched data source, you can begin building Scoring models and Playbooks for all stages of the customer lifecycle, from conversion and expansion to onboarding and retention.

Use Cases of Mixpanel and Correlated

Let's explore a real-life example of how you can leverage Mixpanel data:

Imagine you aim to convert free users into paying customers (a common objective for PLG companies). By integrating Mixpanel into Correlated, you can create a PQA "conversion" score that identifies accounts demonstrating a high propensity to pay. You can then design a Playbook triggered whenever a new account receives a high conversion score AND has interacted with your demo page within the last day. This Playbook can automatically send a Slack alert to your team, prompting them to reach out, or initiate a sequence in Outreach or a workflow in HubSpot to nurture these leads. Combining lead scoring with intent signals enhances the relevance of your strategy for potential leads.

But that's just the beginning! With our AI scoring model, you can capture the propensity of accounts to expand into your highest tier by combining a strong expansion score with an event such as inviting more users within the last day. Additionally, you can create a retention score to identify accounts at risk of churning, using Mixpanel events to monitor indicators such as integration removals or decreased login frequency.

Getting Started with Mixpanel and Correlated

The Correlated and Mixpanel integration equips you with the tools to revolutionize your lead scoring process. By blending intent signals with AI-powered propensity scores, you'll reach out to leads with personalized messages precisely when they're most receptive, resulting in improved conversion, adoption, and overall business growth.Note: The Mixpanel integration is available now! If you're interested in trying it out, request a demo today!

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