Uncover and act on Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) by combining Salesloft with Correlated
Uncover and act on Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) by combining Salesloft with Correlated
Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh
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Uncover and act on Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) by combining Salesloft with Correlated

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One of the biggest trends in SaaS today is the rise of product-led growth as the preferred go-to-market (GTM) motion. Buyers today are more informed and sophisticated than ever before, and care about getting their hands on the product to determine for themselves if it meets their needs. 

What this means for GTM teams is that it is now a requirement for revenue teams to inform themselves about how a potential lead is using the product before reaching out. No one likes getting a cold email from a sales rep the day you sign up for a product before you’ve even clicked around. Even worse, no one likes that dreaded email from a sales rep trying to upsell you to a plan that you’re already on. All of this leads to mailbox bloat, ignored emails, and an overall inefficient sales outreach process (read: wasted time for salespeople). 

Product Qualified Leads are 5x more likely to convert

So how does a GTM team know when to reach out to a lead at the right time? That’s where product qualified leads come in. Product Qualified Leads are essentially Accounts (PQAs) or Users (PQLs) who have done certain things in the product that indicate that they are close to converting. By sending PQLs directly to sales teams, you can ensure that they are spending time on the best leads rather than wasting time on inbound signups who are nowhere near ready to convert.

Correlated + Salesloft = More Converted Leads

By using Correlated alongside Salesloft, it’s possible to make sure every product qualified lead gets acted on - whether it’s a manual outreach from a sales rep with all the context they need to send a relevant email, or an automated email that consistently reaches out to users when they accomplish certain things in the product. 

Salesloft makes it possible to run consistent sales playbooks that align well with your product-led strategy. Correlated makes it possible to discover PQLs and send them to the right Salesloft cadences or directly to a sales rep depending on who the PQL is and what they’ve done in product.

So how can you tactically achieve this? Let’s walk through a quick example based on how we do things at Correlated. 

Use Correlated to generate a PQL Pipeline

A PQL can be a combination of product usage, demographic, or firmographic data. At Correlated, we’ve learned that for us, users who create Playbooks with automated workflows are more likely to continue using our platform. For that reason, we view a user who has come in and created an initial Playbook (with or without an automated workflow) as a PQL. If they have yet to take this action - we might reach out to make sure they can create a workflow and provide assistance to their team. If they’ve already created one - we can smoothly start the value conversation to convert them to a customer and increase their usage of the platform. 

Use Correlated to triage PQLs to the next best action

That being said, we can’t reach out to every single self-serve user that comes into our pipeline in the same way, nor should we. Instead, what we do is for larger customers from enterprise companies, we’ll triage that notification to a Slack channel for Sales, where they will choose how they navigate the enterprise motion. For smaller customers who come in through self-serve, we’ll push them through an automated Cadence to get them to engage. 

Use Salesloft to ensure the next best action gets taken

With Salesloft, we can route each lead either to an automated cadence, or one that’s manually run by an AE or SDR. This ensures that leads never slip through the cracks, and that opportunities are appropriately followed up on. 

Use Correlated to measure ROI

In Correlated, we can measure the conversion rates of each workflow. For example, if we have a workflow that pipes leads into a Cadence that requires manual outreach from an AE or SDR, we can compare those conversion rates to a fully automated Cadence. We can also try different messaging within each Cadence and compare conversion rates there. This allows us to determine the most effective places for our team to engage and support users, so their time is spent on the most important leads.

Product-led personalization in Salesloft Cadences

Personalization is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. So, with that in mind - we are also releasing support for deep personalization in Salesloft Cadences! What this means is that you can map any fields in Correlated directly to Salesloft as custom fields so that you can automatically personalize your email templates at scale. Imagine how much more relevant your email outreach can become if you include how many seats a customer is utilizing directly in your email outreach? That’s worlds above the emails we get sent on a daily basis from SaaS products that we use. 

If you’re curious about what it looks like to combine Correlated and Salesloft, you can view a walkthrough demo here.

It’s time to level up your Cadence game by incorporating product-led insights into your sales playbooks. Correlated is easy to get started with - just visit our Get Started page and create an account today.

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