How Reveal used PQLs to generate >$400,000 in revenue using Correlated
How Reveal used PQLs to generate >$400,000 in revenue using Correlated
Diana Hsieh
Diana Hsieh
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How Reveal used PQLs to generate >$400,000 in revenue using Correlated

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Reveal’s product-led approach

Go-to-market overview

  • Self-Serve Signup
  • Freemium with Enterprise Upsell
  • Viral Growth via Partners inviting more Partners

Key results using Correlated

  • Hundreds of new product qualified lead (PQL) opportunities per month
  • >$400,000 in revenue pipeline generated from free users influenced by Correlated
  • 70+ automated product led revenue playbooks that proactively identify and nurture leads

Background on Reveal

Reveal is a Collaborative Growth SaaS Platform with a simple vision: partnerships are one of the most powerful and cost-effective revenue channels for B2B companies. Reveal's mission is to empower revenue professionals to leverage this channel.

With Reveal, B2B partners can securely connect their CRM, instantly identify all common accounts, and easily collaborate to source and influence more deals together. Reveal users have experienced an average win rate increase of 43% and an average deal size increase of 45%. 

Since 2020, Reveal has created a community of >5,000 companies, >9,000 partnerships, and >11,000 community members across the world.  

The problem

As a product-led growth company, Reveal was experiencing rapid growth via their self-serve funnel and freemium plan. They had a large number of self-serve users to engage with, and wanted to reach out in a meaningful way. They knew there were opportunities within their existing user base who would benefit from a human touch to engage, nurture, and eventually convert them to a paid plan. However, they did not have the resources to do so at scale for all their users. 

Their existing solutions to drive better visibility into product usage to inform GTM included tools like Amplitude, BigQuery, and Salesforce. Amplitude’s product analytics solutions didn’t match the Account and User framework that GTM teams worked off of. Piping data from BigQuery into Salesforce required data engineering involvement for every change and was limited by Salesforce’s custom field capabilities. 

What Reveal needed was a platform that could hook into all their customer data sources and generate a pipeline of product qualified leads based on the highest intent signals, allowing business users to act on those leads to drive better customer outcomes. 

Why Reveal chose Correlated

Reveal chose to adopt Correlated for several reasons. First, Correlated comes with a flexible data platform that supports BYOD (bring your own data). Correlated was able to accommodate their unique data stored in BigQuery and provide easy-to-use querying and automation capabilities on top of that data. Second, we enabled business users to easily build Signals that triggered proactive engagement automatically in a “set it and forget it” way. Finally, we were well aligned in our vision of building a product-led automation platform to scale the best PLG GTM playbooks to serve large, self-serve funnels. 

How Reveal uses Correlated

Reveal is using Correlated to run their entire product-led GTM motion from a single platform, leveraging all their available customer data to inform their actions. Reveal has over 70 GTM playbooks built in Correlated that cover most stages of their onboarding process, including Onboarding, Activation, and Use Case Expansion. Within each stage, they further segment out their Playbooks so that they spend time on the largest, best customers while automating their outreach with smaller customers. Playbooks within each customer lifecycle stage proactively execute different actions depending on if a customer has successfully accomplished enough to become a sales opportunity, if a customer has failed to complete onboarding, or if a customer is about to churn. 

In addition to automating playbooks, Correlated also provides visibility into how these playbooks are performing so that they can be improved over time. Reveal uses Correlated’s Goals feature to track conversion rates for their playbooks that automatically add users to Outreach Sequences and they use this data to test, iterate, and improve those touchpoints. 

Reveal’s PLG tech stack

From day one, the team at Correlated began working with Reveal’s team in a very consultative manner. Reveal was working to make sure their data platforms could support the scaling use cases they wanted to achieve with Correlated and involved their data engineering team early on to ensure success. 

Product analytics: Segment

Reveal used Segment for near real-time event tracking and added in unique account identifiers in their Segment events to ensure that user-level events could be mapped to accounts. 

Business intelligence: June

They use June to build account-based reports for visibility into product usage, not only at the user-level, but also at the company-level. 

Data warehouse: BigQuery

They also built several views in BigQuery to expose customer usage patterns in processed and easily consumable formats for downstream tools like Correlated. 

CRM: Salesforce

Reveal uses Salesforce as both a data source and downstream destination. Firmographic data, plan data, and account ownership is stored and managed in Salesforce. Correlated taps into all these data sources to generate a comprehensive data graph so that business teams have all the information they need about Accounts and Users at their fingertips. 

Sales engagement: Outreach, Slack

Downstream to Correlated, Reveal uses Outreach and Slack to send leads, opportunities, and other customer activity notifications directly to the teams best equipped to act. 

Results & outcomes

Since starting with Correlated, Reveal’s GTM teams are able to work with the customers who need the most help, resulting in +20% improvement in leads successfully converting into onboarded customers – while the volume of leads has doubled in the same period and the team in charge remained stable. Reveal is also able to offer a much more relevant customer experience driven by product usage data driving greater efficiency for their customer-facing teams. 

Reveal continues to expand their use of Correlated to monitor their customer user base and ensure that their customers are getting the best experience possible. We are excited to partner with Reveal on their journey towards changing how SaaS businesses partner with each other and look forward to further powering their entire PLG lead funnel.

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